Friday, August 12, 2016

Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey


It has recently come to my attention that Robert McCloskey is a serious underrated children's author. His books are classics that both are hilarious, entertaining, and simplistic in it's writing and allowing children to explore the world of literature. I believe his books should be in color because then you would grab the attention of children but nonetheless I enjoy his books and I plan to read the rest of his works.

This book has never come across my subconscious, I have never seen it in the bookstores, libraries, or in anyones hands for that matter until I stumble upon it on Goodreads. Supposedly this is a classic and I definitely could see why because this book is meant for the innocent youth who could get a huge kick out of this book and I wish I were a kid again so that magic would have worked on me. We meet Sal who looks like a boy but apparently is a girl, and with her mother they are both going off on an adventure to pick up berries. 

In order to pick up berries they head practically to a hill that is connected to wildlife and guess who is also picking berries in the same hill? A bear with her cub. That alone spells trouble and we see the comedic aspect as to what happens when a mother leaves her child for a while and all hell breaks loose. I enjoyed the story and the illustrations definitely show that this book must at least be 60 years old. My issue with the book is meant for children and because of that I had a hard time reading this book and not letting the fiction aspect take over and instead reality would kick in and found myself saying it is not possible for this to happen or the mother bear would have killed the humans because mother bears get protective around their cubs.

Sound Familiar?

The ending gave me the feeling as though there was going to be a PSA note showing the caution of possible encounters with bears in the wild. This is a classic and I hope more children would read books especially any Robert McCloskey books.

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