Monday, September 2, 2013

Let's Dance, Let's Shout, Shake You Body Now To The Ground!

Time and time again we always need to find at least that one song that regardless that you are exhausted, frustrated, or lonely, that you gather the energy to dance to and enjoy yourself. I have a lot of songs in regards to that but I've learn that sometimes depending my emotion and the time particular songs bring an interesting side of my personality.

For this next song I absolutely love the song, the lyrics, but I love the dancing. It always gets me a thrill, a high that nothing can compare when it comes to music. This next song is a song in which everyone must listen to at least once in their life. I would play this song day in and out during school and I would become this new persona and not caring what others think about me. I feel like this song can be played anywhere at Weddings, Dances, Clubs, and any type of party.

"End of Time" by Beyoncé

I know this choreography of this song perfectly in the back of my head and I truly treasure this song. When this song comes on I block everything in my environment and simply emerge myself with the music. Beyoncé is truly one of the greatest phenomenal to embark in this world and I praise her album "4" because of this song. 

I really want her to release her new material already and release the song that she wrote about her miscarriage. I love this performance and she was the first woman I believe in 10 years to perform at Glastonbury Music Festival and I love this song performed at this live event. Every other performance is not the same after watching this one.

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