Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My World. My Paradise.

This next song holds a personal place in my mind, my soul, and my collection of music. On March 29th, 2013 I was lucky enough to attend this band's concert and it was a spectacular moment for me and I got to share it with my sister. They are a very prestigious groups, gathering a couple of Grammys, #1 Singles, and having an hot, gorgeous, beautiful lead singer. I was so absorbed into their music and it really capture my night.

The glorious part about the concert was that never in my life would I expected them to sing the one true song I always hoped they would sing. The song was not a single at the time and at that concert they announced that it will be their next new single. I was in total shock and made my night unforgettable. That band is MAROON 5 with Adam Levine! To cherish that night please enjoy this song by my favorite band.

"Love Somebody" by Maroon 5

I was hooked on this song, the moment I encounter the lyrics, the music, and Adam's voice. He has a beautiful voice and really interesting how he mixes his head voice and falsetto. I always find it interesting how he blends the voice together to make it seem its one form of voice instead of giving the impression that he is singing falsetto more often than not. I love the music video with the effects and the paint. I'm obsessed with this song that it is #2 of my iTunes Top 25 Most Played Songs.

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