Saturday, August 29, 2015

"Dragon Ball, Vol. 3: The Training of Kane-Sen'nin" by Akira Toriyama


I have been debating whether or not I have seen the anime of this series before Dragon Ball Z and I can official say that I have and to get clarity on that answer this volume refreshed my memories. Unfortunately the Dragon Balls have all scattered again thanks to Oolong's pathetic wish in order to save humanity under the rule of Emperor Pilaf and nobody will be able to track them down for another year so everyone minus Goku leaves to the City and Goku heads over to meet Kame Sen'nin and asked him if he can be his apprentice.

At first Kame Sen'nin does not take Goku seriously and tells him if he brings back an attractive girl then he will commence his training. Right at the same moment a new character appears and his name is Kuririn who is practically has the same perverted mind as Kame Sen'nin. Goku and Kuririn set off to find a girl and luckily they find one called Lunch but the cost of this encounter is whenever Lunch sneezes she changes personality and becomes this evil criminal. Now that the task has been accomplished, the training begins and it is one of the toughest training that Goku and Kuririn has been put through in their life but over the course of months, it becomes undemanding for them and Kame Sen'nin tells them that they can compete for the Tenkaichi Budokai tournament. 

The best fighters around the world come and compete for this title and only eight make it to the finals. Goku and Kuririn are excited about it but apprehensive since Kame Sen'nin didn't teach them any moves just their constant exercise regiment. What they do not realize is thanks to his training, they feel extremely light weight making them run faster and jump higher. They feel less pain in battle and quick to react to attacks. Having these skills will make them fierce in the competition. While everyone laugh at how they are small children, in the end they make to be one of the 8 finalist. 

Amongst the finalist we get to meet Yamcha again and the whole gang but surprisingly Kame Sen'nin is missing. Now that they have made it into the finals, the battle will begin and this Jackie Chun who is competing looks awfully familiar. Will Goku win this tournament? Will Jackie Chun kick his butt? Until next time when the library notifies me about Vol. 4-8 on Dragon Ball. 

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