Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Time Flies By...

I cannot begin to imagine how easily one can be distracted with all the drama that life entails and yet here I am back on this blog. I feel ashamed that I have not written in such a long time in terms of books, music, life, or any form inspiration that surrounds my environment. I decided to write again not for the simple fact of keeping a daily task but more out of pure curiosity and providing an outlet for recent events in my life.

My life has changed so much over these last few months that looking back now, I cannot begin to describe how this changed has occurred. Since September, I am already in my 3rd semester in college, I am 19 years old, and I got the experience to travel to London, Paris, and Nice. This trip was life changing in terms of understanding and comprehending different cultures and realizing how there are millions of people roaming the earth everyday and how no one is truly alone. I found comfort looking at museums, cathedrals, theaters, and realizing how much of culture and history has been laid upon this planet and how I want to leave a mark in this world. Even though I was in the presence of superficial, idiotic, and selfish individuals, I still managed to rise above the occasion and realize how in touch I am towards humanity and trying to reach that human connections with people. I believe I am a reasonably smart individual, not text book smarts, but more of an understanding and appreciation towards the arts and connecting with someone either on an emotional scale or by philosophy. With that being mentioned, many times people can portray me for a know-it-all or very straight forward when reality is I do not put up with any garbage. If I encounter someone who is superficial or lack of intelligence, it becomes obvious for me and it provides me a reason not to waste my time or it pisses me off when I have to constantly witness vocal diarrhea pouring out of their filthy mouths.

I can lose my patience with these people because in my world view, you are a waste of space whereas there are countless individuals around the world who are constantly changing the world to make it a better place, or accomplishing a higher form of themselves whereas these people especially my father and company are a disgrace to humanity. I do not like to sound harsh but as years go by I am able to connect genuinely to other people and feel that wonderful feeling of bonding and actually liking a person besides their flaws. That is why I can only imagine that when you encounter someone who you fall in love with on an emotional, spiritual, and physical level it can be one of the greatest moments in your life. That is why I am not going nuts over being in a relationship because I as a human being have realized that there is so much drama going on in my life that emotionally, I cannot even cope with the idea of being in a relationship and all the problems that comes with it.

I will continue to use this blog to post book reviews and anything that deems worth blogging so I hope you still find something interesting about me. I will try my best to keep myself updated on here but do not expect a post to be published daily or once a week. I hope you all can understand and I miss writing. I miss the fulfillment it brings when cleaning out all the jargon thats in my mind and let me simply be myself and understanding what is going on with me. Thank you so much!

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