Monday, October 27, 2014

Crank by Ellen Hopkins

When it comes to this book, I enjoyed the story and the writing, but this is getting a 5 star rating based on the following criteria:

1.) It was effective with the message of that drugs of any kind can destroy your life, your friends, and your family. It made me nauseous reading this story and so glad that my family raised me right and never led me follow the wrong crowd.

2.) The poetry was fantastic, lyrical, rhythmic, and I love how in each chapter it was designed differently to showcase the different emotion that Kristina experienced throughout this book.

3.) Everyone and their mother should read this book and showcase to teenagers how Drugs will screw up your life and understand there are other alternative ways of spending your time, resource, and talent.

Millions of people around the world are following the similar fate of Kristina and lost their lives to their addiction. I personally could never comprehend what possess people to try something lethal that will only scarred you for the rest of your life. This is the first time that I have ever read dealing drugs in detailed and it will probably be the last. I am so not interested reading the sequels of this book and the further I read this book, the more thankful that my music career, my mother, and my family help me see the bad influences in life and how to say no and stay away from the wrong crowd!

This book is about this straight A honor roll student named Kristina who is court ordered to spend time with her father who she hasn't seen in years. So she spends 3 weeks with him and slowly and surely becomes a monster. Right off the bat you read the living conditions of her fathers apartment which is horrific and if I was her, I would have called my family and take the next flight back home. She meets this boy name Adam who lives in the complex and essentially "falls in love with him" and simply smokes cigarettes, weed, and snorts cocaine. For being a perfect student she surely fucked up which I can't comprehend how she knows what drugs do to people and yet follows her fathers step who is still a drug addict.

The minute she snorts cocaine, her perfect little world immediately starts to crumble into pieces, she becomes this brand new destructive person and doesn't seek any help to treat her addiction. Along the way she gets pregnant and that's where the book leaves you off. I know for a fact that the sequels is going to get worst with her addiction and I really don't want to read that when in my life I am content and high on life and music. I cannot relate to the character and found it very powerful in terms of capturing a story that millions could relate. This book should be taught in schools and demonstrate how drugs will lead you to a dangerous path and how to stay away from it or say no to peer pressure.

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