Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 11: The Super Saiyan" by Akira Toriyama


Previously on Dragon Ball Z

(I) Vegeta has been killed by Freeza not during battle but because Freeza wanted him to be quiet while he is fighting with Goku.

(II) Goku has finally recovered and now has all his strength to fight an attack Freeza.

(III) The gang are witnessing this battle and are trying to figure out what to do next and whether it is possible for Goku to win this fight. 

That is what you missed previously on Dragon Ball Z!


I have waited for so many damn volumes to witness this event and the only disappointment I have is that this manga is in black and white. Because of that issue Goku's hair is completely white and I am fortunate enough to have seen the anime cartoon so it feels as though I am watching the television show. I did not remember what was the trigger that makes him this legendary warrior but then I remember who has to die in order for him to transform.

Freeza is actually scared now that Goku may have a chance at destroying him and raises the stakes. Goku thought by using 90% of his strength at a Kamehameha blast that it would destroy Freeza but no luck. Goku realizes that the only way to destroy Freeza is by using this Chi ball that gathers all the energy of this planet and its very difficult to create and achieve. 

The unfortunate part is that it takes a long time to gather up the Chi and while Freeza does not realize what Goku is doing, the gang have to step him and allow him time to achieve this attack. Piccolo fight and the gang but Freeza swaps them as flies and to give revenge back to Goku, Freeza kills Kuririn like it was no big deal. 

I remember his death vividly in the anime and I was so affected by it because I loved his character but I was robbed of that feeling thanks to the mangas. This is not the first time that Kuririn has been killed and because of that I am numb and indifference about the experience because death is not as significant as it once was in this series! While all hell is breaking loose on planet Namek, back on planet Earth they are gathering all 7 of the Dragon Balls and trying to figure out what wish to ask to Shelong.

When they finally get all the Dragon Balls, Kaio-Sama tells Kami-Sama to make the wish of resurrecting everyone who was killed by Freeza and his men. By doing so, all the Namekians come back to life meaning the Elder is alive and the final Dragon Ball wish can be granted on Planet Namek since the Elder died before the last wish was granted. Now that the opportunity is available now they are quickly trying to get the wish granted of getting everyone out of the planet Namek and onto Earth except for Goku and Freeza. 

The wish is granted and Freeza loses all sanity that his wish was not granted. He arrived at the Dragon to grant his immortality but he did not know that the wish has to be spoken in the language of the Namekians and Dende was able to grant the wish that saved everyone.

Freeza does not want to die by the hands of Goku and decided to explode the planet but Goku got in the way of his plans except while Goku took the majority of the attack, Freeza has open a whole to the core of the planet and now began a self-destruct sequence that will destroy the planet. Now Goku needs to find a way to destroy Freeza and escape the planet on time before he falls to his untimely death.

I really loved this volume for the grand fighting sequences and how it was leaving me at the edge of my seat wondering what is going to happen next and whether Goku survives this whole dilemma. While I see the anime show that showcases what happens next, I do not know if Goku survives or dies and the gang resurrects him again. We won't find out until next time on Dragon Ball Z.

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