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Star Wars: Kanan, Vol. 1: The Last Palawan by Greg Weisman


Disclaimer: I read the individual issues.

Disney created a brand new television show after Star Wars: The Clone Wars which is called Star Wars Rebels. It takes place 13 years after Revenge of the Sith or 4 years before A New Hope. Within the show, we get to see the evil wrath of Darth Vader through the Galactic Empire and pretty much all hell is loose as rebels try to gather up courage and risk safety for a better tomorrow.

We meet a boy named Ezra who steals in order to survive and through different encounters and other drama, he meets Kanan who is actually a Jedi but no longer goes by that title and his crew of rebels who Ezra decides to tag along and learn the force since Kanan figured out that Ezra has the force within him.

I am not giving anymore details because I believe the show is phenomenal and now that the 2nd season has premiered, the show has better graphics, storylines, and full of action pack adventures with brand new and familiar characters. I highly suggest you watch the show because you will not have a clue what this comic is about unless you have read A New Dawn.

Since Kanan was a young boy who survived the Clone Wars and the rise of the Empire, the show hasn't had much time to get into details since Kanan isn't the only important person on the show. Now through the comics we get an inside look into Kanan's past and how his rebel fleet was created. The show is meant for children but this comic book doesn't hold back and it breaks your heart seeing Kanan's fellow comrades switch from being his best friend to killers because of Order 66.

Kanan witness his master getting killed and because he was young, innocent, and hopeless Kanan runs away and tries to hide from the Clones and how to figure out what to do now since he was never prepared for all of this to happen (no one did for that matter).

Along his journey of survival, he meets other crooks who at first was reluctant to work with him but later became close pals and partners. They taught him how to fight and survive without using a light saber which is crucial for him as he is a wanted felon. For this first volume, you get a huge introduction into Kanan's past and then the last issue shifts forward into the present and clearly this is not the last time we get to see memories of his past.

I am making this spoiler free because I believe it is a great comic especially for those who are fans of the show and an interesting topic covering the years of the Empire before Luke Skywalker comes into the picture. The only thing I have an issue with is how they drew the characters from the show looking like very low production cartoonish creepy and they make Kanan look like Prince Charming compare to the show.

Any thoughts I have towards the future of this series and show is very interesting and speculative into the Force Awakens. These theory's may sound crazy but they are my ideas and mine alone.

The fate of Kanan is going to end in Death. Between the show and now this comic only confirms that belief for me that he is going to get killed. Obviously he isn't feature in the original trilogy because it was filmed almost 40 years ago but even if he did survive after the Battle of Endor, he would have to be incredibly old by the time the Force Awakens arrives. 

Another theory is Ezra Bridger becomes Kylo Ren. It sounds way out of proportion and the only way for that theory to go away is the creators of this show and comics need to decide on what is the correct hair color of Ezra. 

It drives me nuts like in the show is always constantly changing between Blue or Purple depending on the episode and graphics. Then now in the comics, his hair is black and the way he is portrayed looks exactly like Adam Driver. Adam has black hair and it sounds preposterous to believe Ezra is Kylo because of the hair issue but I think it possible for him to become this evil villain.

Ezra has moments of deep anger that he cannot control and wants to be left alone since he grew up by himself and now he has a master who doesn't know how to properly train him, does this not sound familiar or what? Plus the ending of the show could be Ezra kills Kanan or Vader helps Ezra turn to the dark side like Anakin.

If it comes out that Ezra is Kylo Ren, all I got to say is I TOLD YOU SO. I thought I would never come up with these crazy ideas but I am losing my patience for The Force Awakens to be released. 

I'm sorry for my rant but this is the only way I can talk about the show with the people I care about when this comic is based on the show. Plus if you watch the premiere of 2nd season, Kanan makes a reference to his past that only the readers of the comics would understand. Until next time! May the Force be with you.

**Star Wars Confirmed**

After my whole rant of Ezra being Kylo Ren, Star Wars on Twitter wrote me reply indicating that Ezra would be to old to be Kylo and put down my crazy theories. I am not disappointed but I am jumping like crazy that Star Wars wrote me a tweet. 

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