Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 12: Enter Trunks" by Akira Toriyama


Previously on Dragon Ball Z

(I) Goku is still fighting with Freeza as the planet Namek is on self-destruct.

(II) All of Goku's friends were able to get all the Dragon Balls and grant the wish of resurrecting all the Namekians and people who were murdered by Freeza and his men.

(III) The gang and the Namekians have been able to evacuate to planet Earth and now they must wait to see if Goku survives and Freeza dies.

That is what you missed on Dragon Ball Z!

I love the reactions of everyone who has been killed come back to life wondering what the hell happened and why they are alive. Shit if I was brought back to life I would be jumping up and down of joy to be granted another chance of life. Now back to the story..

Goku and Freeza have reached the ends of their wits and Goku decides to call it quits. He has given mercy to Freeza because he realize that he has outmatch Freeza is strength and abilities and there is no point of fighting if it will become pathetic and less honorable. Freeza is on the brink of death and Goku is nice enough to give some of his Chi to Freeza to escape but sadly Freeza uses that power to kill Goku and fails.
Goku has enough and shoots back a blast that put a whole in the ground. 

He believes he has killed Freeza and now he is trying to find a way to escape the planet and the moment we able to see whether or not he escapes, the planet explodes and everyone believes that Goku is dead. Everyone now has to wait for 130 days as the Namekian Dragon Balls get fully recharged and they summon back all the people who are still dead and they ask to bring back Goku to life.

Luckily for us the dragon tells us that Goku is still alive but does not want to come home yet so they leave him be. We get to see another wish granting event that takes place 130 days and the Namekians have found a new planet to inhabit and a year goes by without Goku's presence on earth. Now one day, a ship is arriving to Earth and it is no other than Freeza with his father King Cold. King Cold looks like Freeza in his first transformation and for Freeza he looks completely different as half of his body is now robotic. 

He is excited to land on Earth to destroy the planet and fight Goku but it is obvious that Freeza is pathetic fighter and weaker since the last time we witnessed him. I completely forgot that Freeza survives and that whole drama but Freeza only last for few moments because we have a new super saiyan up our sleeve. While Goku is in the process of coming back to Earth, we meet a young teenager named Trunks who with his samurai sword chops up and kills both Freeza and King Cold like in 2.5 seconds.

Everyone is shocked to witness this event and they believe that maybe Trunks is evil until Goku arrives to Earth. Trunks has a private discussion with Goku and it is revealed that Trunks is the child of both Vegeta and Bulma. I was already spoiled of that because of the video games and anime but it is still pretty shocking considering Vegeta acts like a heartless individual. We learn that somehow Goku dies of a virus which Trunks brought the future cure and tells them these androids will be created in 3 years and they will be unstoppable and only Goku is the one who can save humanity. Goku promises to help destroy the androids and keeps Trunks secret to himself.

We flash forward into 3 years later and the gang has trained harder than ever and lucky enough Bulma gave birth to Trunks. The gang meet at the exact location of Trunks instructions and lo and behold we witness that the Androids are robots so you cannot detect any chi and they are force that Goku has never witness in his life. Now the action is on and all hell is going to break loose.

I am curious about these androids because I remember them vividly but it makes you wonder how are robots unstoppable if any type of blast from our crew could destroy them. They must be wired a certain way that is able to detect any attack in super light speed and is away to deflect and attack accurately than any fighter! We won't find out what to expect until next time so stay tuned for another episode of Dragon Ball Z...

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