Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Golden Mean (Griffin & Sabine Trilogy #3) by Nick Bantock


If I could sum up my feelings about this particular book and series it would be this:

I wasted my valuable time believing that this series would get better and have the ending resolved but I was wrong. Knowing that now I believe this should have been one long standalone book to hell with it. I love the artwork, the letters, and the whole creative part of this book but I believe this story did not stand up to par with the creative artwork. I believe in my humble opinion that the first book was the best out of this series.

This book leaves off where Griffin came back home and supposedly learn that Sabine has never been there and Sabine waited forever for him to come home but she had to catch her flight back to the islands. They write letters to each wondering if they will ever meet and I believe which the book gives subtle hints which that they live in parallel worlds. It is impossible for no one to have not witness Sabine in London so that is the only logical reasoning in this magical realism story. 

Then out of nowhere this became a thriller when this random man shows up and starts stalking Sabine. He is a supposedly a telepathic reporter looking for cases of telepathy like out of the X-Files and wants her letters. She is worried that something evil will happen and Griffin wants to protect her so they decide to meet half-way to Alexandria where there is a famous portal to another world. And that is it. You do not know whether they final met, about this evil man, or if they are still together except for a random postcard to a doctor.

I am livid that the author did the same shit again and didn't provide a satisfying ending. There is other books that feature Griffin and Sabine and in the beginning I wanted to read them but now I refuse. Why do I have to invest more time on them if you could have done that with this book? If the ending was quite good I would have no problem delving into these spinoffs but I guarantee you it is going to be the same formula repeated in which they never meet but get close and fail again.

I am very disappointed with this series I was going to rate this lower but because of the artwork I cannot give it lower than a two because then I will not be doing justice. Would I recommend this book? Hell to the No! I suggest reading the first book and making up your own conclusion whether Griffin and Sabine ever met and lived happily ever after. The End.

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