Sunday, July 7, 2013

Where Do I Begin?

It has been 4 years already where I began my First "Total Failure Of A" Blog. It was suppose to be this extravagant blog where I would not reveal my identity and disguise myself as J.M Barrie (Author of Peter Pan). I tried to immerse myself in culture and try my best to be connect to my followers but unfortunately I had no one following me except one of my friends who now currently lives in New York while I live in a ditch of a hole called Miami.

Intentionally I would used my blog to talk about my "Pain" as if I was a wounded soldier coming from Iraq and even tried to reveal my feelings towards the pathetic douche bags that I have encountered in the last four years! In other words, I was a childish, 14 year old writing a blog and for being 14 years old I believed that I was a bad ass with my own private blog.

I need to write, it is essentially when it comes to my life problems. I need an outlet to filter my thoughts and ideas, to study my surroundings and how to accomplish my tasks and dreams at hand. Right after I deleted my account, I created a Tumblr which I still proudly have and if you are curious the link is 

Creating an Tumblr account proved to be successful as I learn different formats of how to project my emotions and my ideas. For that I will always be grateful that Tumblr created this whole new parallel universe, except I was still dissatisfy (as every other human being in the planet) because I wanted to be personal and write about what is going on in my mind and receive feedback instead of simply being ignored. I do not know if this new project will last but at the very least I will try my best to continue this blog as best as I see fit.

The idea for a blog can be credited towards Stephen King and Miss Carrie Bradshaw (How did Sex and the City and Misery be intertwine in the same sentence?). It has been months since the concept of writing came into light until I saw an interview of Stephen King talking for almost 45 minutes on why it is important for him to write and through writing he discovered where his true power can be brought into the surface. For Carrie, after four years of trying to find a way of watching Sex and the City, I bought the first season on iTunes, and rent the rest of the series through my local library! The way Carrie writes down her thoughts and issues when it comes to Love & Sex was truly astounding and henceforth kick start this new adventure for me. Before I leave, I will give you 10 Facts About Me!

1. I am not related to Michael Phelps (70% sure as of today).
2. My favorite color is Red, Blue, and Purple.
3. I have never been on a date or had a relationship.
4. I am a Homosexual Man (shouldn't this have been first? Oh well...)
5. Since I am a Singer, many of favorite singers can range from Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Queen, to Beyoncé, Coldplay, and Journey.
6. I do not have a favorite song, I have too many to just pick one out of the box.
7. I feel as though there is this grand life for me waiting for me to finally claim it.
8. I finally found the enjoyment of reading books on my own and in case you have an account on Goodreads (If you don't, please sign up, you will not regret it!) my profile is:
9. I truly dislike Miami, and trying my best to find my way out of this town.
10. I am an Artist, creating, inventing, and discovering myself through the work of others creativity!

Goodnight! May The Odds Be In Your Favor!

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