Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sad Songs...

Today is going to be a depressing topic because the topic for 4th day of the music challenge is what song makes you sad? The irony of that question is when I listen to sad songs I am not always sad. As an artist, one must be able to distinguish emotions in a song and be able to change different persona's instantaneously. I believe it is true that for millions of people, listening to sad songs makes them depressed or upset but that is not the case with me.

Sad songs are special songs because it uncovers memories of pain, brings out raw emotions, and these type of songs can easily reach mass audiences. That is why Adele and countless others became a major bestselling artist because they describe their pain and share to the world that it is okay to be vulnerable.

In my music library, I have a range of genres and songs that deal with different emotions. Most of my songs are about love and I have hundreds that are happy and sad. So I included five songs that either I cry because of the lyrics and/or the artist's voice tone,  or describes memories that I have experience. Enjoy and please do not get upset with this topic of today! Tomorrow is going to be hilarious!

1. "Run To You" by Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston is remarkable regardless over her drug dilemma. It is truly a shame that a talent so pure, so unique and powerful went down the garbage. Obviously I am not her and I could never understand what she was going through in the media, her failed marriage, and it is truly a tragedy to witness "The Voice"crumple into pieces.

 I love this song for many reasons. Her voice is piercing in this song and sets the tone within a matter of seconds. Her emotions are spectacular in a way that shows that she wants to be with this person for safety and to be loved. Whenever I listen to this song and tune out the noise around me, I get swept up in the song and usually end it when a tear regardless whether I am happy or sad that day. 

2. "Broken Hearted Girl" by Beyoncé

I have notice that through these posts, it is a current theme with Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson. I apologize but I cannot help it especially when they songs that touch me personally. I love this song but only when she sings it live. In the beginning of this video, you see how much daunting it is that a celebrity has to do this or that because if he/she make one mistake then people automatic believe that they are selfish, mean, and sadly to say a Bitch.

It is interesting how when I saw her I Am... World Tour DVD, I had the similar emotions as her when she perform this song especially the part when she sings "And know there are times when I hate you, cause I can't erase, the times that you hurt me and put tears on my face, and even now while I hate you, it pains me to say, I know I'll be there at the end of the day". At first it is sad but towards the end, it has a happier tone and I love her riff's in this song. TEAM BEYONCÉ.

3. "Take It All" by Adele

This is the first song that Adele wrote for her album, "21", and she wrote it while she was still in her horrid relationship. When she writes, she realizes her priorities and this song revealed that her relationship was in ruins and that it was about time that she ended it so she performed it to her ex-boyfriend and he left 3 weeks later. This album is one of the greatest albums of all time and it is purely musical and full of emotions. 

This performance was her at the iTunes Festival 2011, and at this point her vocal problems were evident and throughout the concert, her voice was raspier and some songs she was slightly off pitch which is weird since she doesn't sing flat or sharp. 

This song is extremely personal to her and for me this is the only song from her album that makes me cry. I treasure this song deeply and my favorite part of this entire song is when she sings, "I will change, If I must, Slow it down and bring it home and I'll will adjust, Oh if only, if only you knew, Everything I do is for you".

4. "Sad" by Maroon 5

Before I purchased their album, I listened to this song and fell in love with it immediately. I love the emotion of Adam Levine's voice and even though it is obvious that he is "Sad", I love how he sings about his pain and anguish. I went to their concert and I wish he would have sang that song. But I hope you enjoy it.
5. "Gone Too Soon" by Michael Jackson

This song always makes me wanna cry because Michael Jackson voice literally makes you want to cry because of his despair that all his idols and loved ones passed away too soon. This song is dedicated to Ryan White who became the poster child of AIDS because his school did not allow him to attend class because he had AIDS because a misfortune incident of a blood transfusion because he is a hemophiliac.

Michael Jackson, Elton John, and many others supported Ryan White and became close friends with him, particularly Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson believed in the innocence of children and learned that you get so much insight through a child. He was devastated that Ryan White passed away at 18 years old because of complications of AIDS and perform this song in his album, "Dangerous".

In this live performance, Michael Jackson shows how emotional he is and even though he can sing the high notes perfectly, in this performance it sounds nasal and airy to display how much it impacted him, his friend Ryan. My favorite line is "One day, gone one night". The part that gets to me and it shows how powerful Michael Jackson's performance sweeps the audience, there is a big pause and the room is silent, so silent you can hear the pin drop. To me that shows you how you are a great performer.

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