Monday, August 26, 2013

Least Favorite Song or Lack of Artistry?

When it comes to music it's like ice cream... Some like vanilla, some like strawberry, some like chocolate, and some like all flavors. - Matthew Phelps
I came up with that concept in 10th Grade (I believe so) when discussing music genres with my friends. I love all type of Genres except for Techno, Heavy Metal (Screaming) and Reggae; one day I may want to listen to R&B and Pop, then the next day I may want instead Rock and Hip-Hop. One genre is never dominant than another because throughout different decades, each genre has it's particular movement in culture.

One concept that I've treasured is that a true Artist is not subjected to only one genre of music. Great examples are Michael Jackson, Elvis, PresleyThe Beatles, Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, Adele,  Queen, Elton John, Billy Joel and the list goes on. If I truly love a particular artist, very rarely will I ever dislike their music, I try my best to see their songs from a different angle or the angle in which they want the listeners to pay attention and discover about themselves.

One thing that I miss about music of the past is the quality in their musicianship. Back before technology boom tremendously and way before the Internet existed, it was difficult for a mainstream artist to become successful because you had to pursue this dream entirely on your own. You had to perform gigs at clubs, recording demos for recording executives and trying to be original. Because of that, the people who became successful knew how to actually sing or write great music. 

With the birth of iTunes and technology, anyone can become famous and produce horrible quality because now an machine can fix the pitch and make the sound less agonizing. I truly believe that is why the music that is currently on the radio is trash because people can careless about voice quality and just care about the constant beats and bass overload in the background.

I remember when I first met my sister's current boyfriend, he took us to IKEA because he needed to buy some furniture and he put on the radio which was an oddity for me because at the time, I haven't listened to the radio for 5-6 months. Just listening to 30 minutes on the radio, it could have been 10 songs and yet they all sounded the same. I am so disappointed on how music has become and I guarantee that not now but in the future, this type of music will end and true artists will bring back this missing legacy that our idols have left for us.

I never publicly mention what artist I dislike because its my personal opinion unless you ask me directly about it, otherwise I keep my mouth shut. Music is Music and at the end of the day, you are going to like whoever you listen to and you should never let someone else define your musical taste. It does not make you an idiot if you love Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, One Direction or Chris Brown. If you absolutely love them because they help you follow your dreams and if they make your life seem less unbearable than you have every right to listen to them. I just hope you understand that when listening to a particular artist, you are supporting their beliefs and causes.

I can have a list full of least favorite songs but the one that is drumming in my head currently is...

You're Beautiful by James Blunt

I had to listen to this 1000 times too many. I liked it when it first came out and by the 100th time I wanted to shoot myself. I would hear this song on the bus, on the radio, at restaurants, my friends iPods, on TV, and people singing it obnoxiously. This song plagued me for at least an year. R.I.P. 2005-2006. After the 1000th time, I understand you are BEAUTIFUL, apparently whoever he was dedicating this song did not get the message. I cringe every time I hear this song and it currently is listed as #7 in Rolling Stones Most Annoying Song List. Most likely because of this incident I always carry a set of headphones in my jacket pocket. Thank God.

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