Friday, August 30, 2013

The Eternal City

When walking around this new world, looking at stones in the ground, and giant structures that have existed for thousands of years, it shocks you to realize how you are a speck of dust compare to ancient culture. Spring break 2011 was utterly speechless in terms of I would never believe that I was in Italy. Even though I've traveled with people I could truly live without, I needless to say I learned how to tune them out in compensation of what I wanted to receive from the glorious city.

I highly recommend Italy for everyone to travel at least once in your lives. I've heard people who said Italy was garbage and Paris was the best city of world, and even though I have never been to Paris, so far I refute that idea and accept everyones opinion. My favorite cities were Rome & Venice, while Florence I was not too crazy because of lack of tourism from the tour guide, but now I am curious about it after reading Inferno by Dan Brown.

Part of the luxury of living in a hotel is watching television, and in the hotels it was either CNN, shows in Italian, and MTV ITALIA. I cling on MTV the most because they would feature music ranging from Katy Perry, Adele, and many British and Italian artist.

For today's question it asked a song that reminds you of a certain event? Easily I could have picked Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion for my Kindergarten Graduation, Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield for Elementary School Graduation, or For Good for my High School Graduation but instead I wanted to pick a moment in which I was experiencing a brand new culture for the very first time.

1. "La Notte" (The Night) by Arisa

I remember this song clearly and I fell in love with Arisa's voice in this song. The irony is I know some Italian and could pick up certain words but being a singer and an artist I understand entirely what she was singing. 

She's talking about a breakup and the pain of it all. She talks about how by the time night comes around, she is all alone stuck with the questions of why did this happen to her, there is no winners or losers when it comes to love, we are half defeated but at the end, love will move on.

I love her voice and there is a better performance that she does live in a major opera theater but it is very long video because she is interviewed before she performs but this is the music video that I saw in Italy. I saw this performance in Florence? If not then Rome.

2. "Cashwoman" by Emis Killa

All I got to say when I saw this video is that Emis Killa is handsome and gorgeous. I would love to date him, sadly he is straight that I am aware about. OMG when I first saw this video, I was captured by his gorgeousness but I did not understand a clue of what he was rapping about.

Later on, when I would see this video, I would pick up words and understand the meaning and I got the main message that it is about a girl who used him but I could not understand why the girls are vampires in the music video? I later looked up the lyrics and found out I was correct but Emis Killa is saying this woman used him like cash and never bother to notice he has feelings for her. 

I love the song and he is beautiful so hopefully one day I can invite him to appear in my music video...

3. "Next To Me" by Emeli Sandé

This song was always playing on MTV Italia and I believe it may have been at #1 and this song is so catchy and I love it. This song was rising the charts as the lead single for Emeli Sandé who apparently name is Adele. I like her voice and her album supposedly broke The Beatles record in the UK but I honestly believe it is because people did not know who is Emeli Sandé.

She won the Album of the Year award in the UK, critics and music business people believe she was going to be the next new sensation in America and beat Adele's record. I wondering when is that going to happen? For me, it deals mostly with marketing and with Emeli, the marketing was terrible. My opinion of an International Artist, you must be able to sell your music everywhere as much as the same time as possible.

When this song was on MTV it was available all over in Europe. Once I came back to America and wanted to buy the song or album, it said it was available in for 5-6 months. By that time, people in Europe have moved on with her music and it becomes difficult to be successful in America. I do not know if she is major in America but I have only heard this song ONCE on the radio. Plus when you make an Adele reference, you better have big shoes to fill.

4. "Non è l'Inferno" by Emma Marrone

I haven't looked up her songs but her voice and this song reminds me of P!nk. Maybe she is the Italian equivalent of P!nk and that would be utterly interesting. I cannot find the music video of this song but this is the live performance of this song and it is amazing. I cannot believe I got addicted to Italian music and would sing these songs in my room once I got back from Italy. Emma has a raspy voice but I think that's like P!nk who has a raspy voice because of her drug usage.

Nonetheless, you entered a small world of mine when it comes to Italy and I wish I could go back again and this time alone. I love to travel alone and without anyone bothering me. That would be great if I could meet these people.

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