Saturday, April 9, 2016

"Are You My Mother?" by P.D. Eastman


It's been days since I have checked out this book and the reason some may be wondering why am I reading all these children picture books is because I have recently been cleaning up my TBR pile on Goodreads and I've noticed that I have this huge chunk of children's books that either needs to be deleted or read so I've been checking it out from my local library.

I read this book when my six-year old cousin and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing him laugh throughout the book especially since he finds it absurd for a baby bird to think a cow or even a dog could be a baby birds mother. Hearing him laugh made this book stand out for me and while this book is not 5 stars material for me, I still highly recommend reading this book to children. The book deals about a mother bird who panics when she realizes that her baby bird is going to hatch from its egg soon.

Immediately she sets off towards providing food for the bird and when it hatches the bird tries to find his mother since she is no where to be found and tries to fly the nest which unfortunately the baby bird's wings are not fully efficient and crashes to the ground and wonders toward looking for his mother and stumbles along the way to meet different animals who it mistakes for as their mother. 

I believe children books are for all ages because odds are a parent is reading a book to their child and that is their special quality bonding time and the book is suppose to entertain your kids but connect with each other on a human level which is a reason why we must keep reading children books when we are older and no longer toddlers. For a second I thought Dr. Seuss wrote this book but it's interesting to learn that someone else wrote this simple story. The illustrations are basic compare to Dr. Seuss but nonetheless fun to read.

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