Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Princess and the Pony by Kate Beaton


This is me almost 70% percent of the time while reading this book:

This story is meant for the innocent at heart regardless of age and this book illustrates how appearances are deceiving when it comes to the stereotypes we fall into because of our sex, ethnic, or career. We meet Princess Pinecone which I am guessing is living in the Vikings era and everything is going great in her life except she wants a horse that will help her become a strong warrior in battles or at least this annual contest in her village.

She makes it clear to everyone that she wants a horse and when the moment arrives on her birthday she discovers that her parents bought her a... PONY! Insert pony: 

She's disappointed at first and tries to make the best out of the situation by training the pony to become a warrior and it fails miserably. The pony farts, makes a mess in Pinecones room, and doesn't look very intelligent and when the competition begins Princess Pinecone is scared that she is going to lose but you never know what will happen when you put a pretty adorable pony in the middle of the battle.

I love the illustrations and it really made the book pop with its colors and how huge everything is from the pony to the Vikings. After reading Boot & Shoot I needed a children's book to stand out and bring life into the story and I applaud Kate Beaton for putting the hard work and accomplishing this task. It is not easy to write a children's book believe it or not and I definitely cannot wait to read more books by Kate Beaton! I definitely recommend everyone to read it especially those who love adorable looking animals.

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