Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Walking Dead, Vol. 03: Safety Behind Bars by Robert Kirkman


This volume was epic in the sense that I wish that the 2nd volume did not exist. The story has a better plot, interesting new characters, and the chaos that ensures when these characters are placed into difficult situations. We got plenty of Zombie killing action and by the end of the story it makes me regret now that I haven't picked up the next volumes from the Library!

The gang have found a new place to call sanctuary and it is a federal prison. It's humongous and while it is infested with Zombies its still manageable and could bring a ton of benefits for the group in terms of survival. The unfortunate news is they thought all the prisoners were zombies but later they discover that a group of prisoners were held cooped up in the cafeteria.

The gang are now scared because they are fearful that the criminals would murder them especially when one of them mention that he murdered his girlfriend when he found her in bed with another man. No need to worry because Rick and the crew refuse to give them weapons. Everything is fine and dandy as they clean up the place and even bring some familiar characters back to live in a better place.

Sadly for one of the characters, Tyreese, he discovers that his daughter got killed by the boyfriend because they were going to kill each other to avoid the misery that is now called life and the boyfriend pulled the trigger too soon. She dies but somehow comes back to life as a Zombie so Rick makes the connection that regardless how you die, you will be reborn as a Zombie and I believe the main reason is because what virus lead the breakout of Zombies could be airborne and now it's the blood system so when they get bitten or die it releases the chemical and leads to this epidemic.

When Rick makes this connection, he needs to settle some unfinished business and leaves the prison for a few hours. In the meantime evil lurks among the gang and they discover that two girls from the group were murdered and Lori immediately jumps to conclusion and believes the murderer is the prisoner who murder his girlfriend and they keep him locked in a cell until further investigation and they made the wrong choice because now the prisoner wants them out of the prison.

They discover who the real killer is and what I love about this volume is before this outbreak, our society had a set of rules that govern ourselves for over 200 years and because of that we never had to worry about anything since these laws have been placed since the beginning of time. Now that the group is dealing with a murderer, how do we punish him? Do we kill him or kept him in prison and this question makes the group divided because now they are both the judge and the punisher and they have to dictate laws in order to manage the chaos and return back to being civilized people even though they are broken human beings because of this Zombie apocalypse.

This series is phenomenal and I cannot rave enough about it and I believe everyone should read this because it will raises questions that you never thought of before until reading this series. I love Rick Grimes and I hope he survives! I just wish this graphic novel was in color instead of black and white. Until next time of the Walking Dead!

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