Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Flash, Vol. 3: Gorilla Warfare by Francis Manapul


The Flash, Vol. 3: Gorilla Warfare is a refreshing, entertaining, and adventurous book that only took 3 volumes to finally perfect! While I enjoyed the previous volume it still had something missing that couldn't put my finger on when reading this book and immediately I recognized that this story was coherent and I could understand the different characters, their background story was provided, and when you everything in order than the story naturally flows and gives the reason why we love comics books in the first place.

It begins immediately where the 2nd volume ends which is King Grodd has come to Central City to wreak havoc and kill the Flash. The Flash was not only having a major battle with the Rogues when Grodd came to invade but when looking at different scenarios in his speed force insight he realizes that no matter how much he fights or runs it will either end with death or destruction for Central City so he makes the decision to surrender to Grodd. Now you may be wondering why the hell is he being a wimp and giving up the fight? Well if you know a thing or two about the Flash aka Barry Allen, you know he is up to something while his mind is going by the speed of light to ensure he can defeat Grodd and protect his city.

One major character that my mind was wondering throughout the previous volumes is where is the Reverse Flash? He is the main bad guy on season 1 of the hit show and when reading that incomprehensible graphic novel Flash: Rebirth, the reverse flash is the main character against the Flash and now my questions were answered because he's witnessed what Barry has been doing inside and out of the speed force and he wants Barry to receive a can of whoop ass from a villain that he has never encounter before let alone another speedster.

I cannot wait to see the juicy drama that will reveal itself in the next volume. I applaud the illustrators because the graphics in this comic is fantastic and it always blows my mind away how quickly I get absorbed into the story especially when they found the important formulas to create a great comic book and I hope they work their magic again because I cannot get enough of the Flash! 

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