Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Walking Dead, Vol. 1: Days Gone Bye by Robert Kirkman


I know I am late on the band wagon train when it comes to The Walking Dead but I am excited that I have joined this brand new graphic novel series. I remember a few years back I saw the entire first season and never bother to continue it and a few months back I tried the 2nd season and I had no clue who were the characters, the plot, and the general arc from the previous season which discouraged me until now! I know the show stays almost accurate to the show but I believe you should at least read this first volume before you Netflix marathon the Walking Dead.

I remember when I was in high school, I saw some of my fellow peers reading the graphic novel and being obsessed about it and I had no clue what they were raving about because I could honestly care less about reading at that moment of time. What I realized was when AMC announced that they were making The Walking Dead, they were reading the comics that were available to see what the show was about and what to expect with a Zombie Apocalypse television series.

I have to admit that this series is complete and utter BADASS.

Immediately I was sucked into this world and I realized that I love dystopian worlds in graphic novels because I remember I was hooked on Brian K. Vaughn's Y: The Last Man within 20 pages and now the same magic has stirred up in me again when it comes to The Walking Dead.

If you live under a rock and never heard of "The Walking Dead", you may be wondering what the hell is this comic book about?

No worries here is the general plot without ruining the whole story. We meet Rick Grimes who is a small town local sheriff and one day he gets shot in the line of duty and emerges from a coma in a hospital. He walks around the hospital trying to find nurses when he stumbles into Zombies. He freaks out and luckily makes a break for it back to his house where he discovers that his wife and son are no where to be found.

He meets some new strangers hiding in his neighbors home and discovers that during his time in a coma, the world has fallen prey to Zombies and no one knows how they came to life but we soon find out that if a Zombie scratches, bites, or kills you, you automatically become one of them and the undead are rising everyday all over the world. The government tells all citizens to evacuate to Atlanta where it would be easier to protect our civilians from the Zombies while scientist try to find the cure to this wickedness and Rick figures that his wife left to Atlanta to see her parents.

Along the way we see ignorant mistakes that humans make during these moments of crisis because the minute Rick arrives to the big city he meets thousands of zombies who want to eat him and luckily gets rescued by a guy name Glenn who knows his way around the city. They learn that Atlanta was the worst place to evacuate because by having all the living in one city it became a buffet for the undead to snack on. 

Thanks to Glenn, Rick meets other survivors who are living in the outskirts of the city to avoid Zombie attacks and be ready in case the government has found the cure. In this man-made camp Rick is reunited with his wife and son but something is off because his partner in crime, Shane Walsh, protected them while Rick was in a coma and clearly he is not himself and later on we learn all the dirty juicy details.

I won't say more because this series is phenomenal and I need to get my hands on every volume possible from the library so stay tuned to more reviews! What I enjoy most about this comic is that we are dealing with a world that raises tons of moral questions about ourselves and how we follow these rules that were placed in society because we live in a "civil" world but once that goes out the window these rules no longer apply then what happens now? 

We discover these characters who are put into unpredictable situations and we get to learn more about ourselves and how when pushed to the ultimate limit would we go insane and give up or try to salvage the little of humanity that is left in us as these characters are trying to survive for another day hoping a cure exist in the world. I haven't researched what lies ahead but I have a feeling our government has something to do with this zombie drama and the cure may be possible but it won't necessarily help us bring the Zombies back to normal.

I have no clue where this series is heading but I am in it for the long ride! It is scary to think what would happen if everyone turns into Zombies and I hope that never happens in real life.

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