Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Lucifer, Book One by Mike Carey


My feelings after reading this graphic novel? Meh.

I do not know about you but I am in love with this brand new show on Fox called Lucifer. 

Oh yes you do!

I love the actor who plays Lucifer and it's been months since I haven't read the comics and I decided that I should read it to figure out what is the general plot for the television show. I am afraid to announced that the show is completely different from the comics and I am still curious if that makes the fandom quite divided or makes these two universes separate for both parties to enjoy. The only thing that the show and the comic have in common is Satan has quit ruling Hell and is residing in Los Angeles, California.

Lucifer is living the luxurious life among humans with his own club/restaurant called Lux when an angel messenger from God appears seeking Lucifers help. Apparently there is this evil spirit lurking in the shadows that helps provide wishes for mortals and with each wish granting this evil spirit gets superior in force. Heaven cannot get in the mix with Earth so they need the devil to do Gods work.

Lucifer does not have an issue with accomplishing this task in exchange for a letter of indulgence from God. At first it seems such a silly wish nonetheless God grants him the letter. Knowing Satan, he has calculated everything and follows the necessary precautions to achieve his plans and to void detection. By having this letter, Satan is able to open a portal that enters a realm outside of creation meaning with the right set of skills and power he can create a whole universe and become God.

I was disappointed with this series mainly because it's nothing like the television show. I believe if the show never existed I would have enjoyed this graphic novel but the other issue that lies in this series is organization. Lucifer plans are not revealed to us at first and it is through the course of the story that we see his plans unfolding as we meet different characters who will become important by the end of this first volume.

There is nothing wrong introducing countless different characters in a series but the writers lack the skills of how to properly introduce this characters and not interrupt the flow of story arc. What would catch me off guard would be that 100 pages would go by and everything is about Lucifer and his plans then out of nowhere come the next page and you meet a random girl who can talk to ghosts. It would take about another 50 pages to see Lucifer again and his connection to the girl.

In all honesty I believe the writers could have done a better job at connecting the dots with these characters and their ties to Lucifer and hopefully in this next volume the story gets polished. I want to continue this series because I have faith in Neil Gaiman but I am not in any hurry to read the next volume. Hopefully we can see the qualities that we love in the tv show reflected onto the book.

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