Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Walking Dead, Vol. 04: The Heart's Desire by Robert Kirkman


If you guys think these characters have lost their marbles before wait till you read this volume! It is exciting to witness how we are still in the beginning phases of this series and already we have seen death, chaos, and madness when it comes to these characters, their loved ones, and the consequences of their action.

The comic begins where Dexter (the murderer) wants the gang to leave the prison and has them on gunpoint and while his actions may seem insane he forgot one single component which is when he found the guns he forgot that the entire prison hasn't been swept so a massive army of Zombies have escaped and now the gang has to fight them and in-between that drama Rick kills Dexter in order to save the gang. This is crucial detail because it will haunt him by the end of this volume! His actions are justifiable and would have done the same thing but I believe all these killings have taken a toll on him and everyone else.

After that incident everything becomes fine and dandy except for a new character that enters this story and causes drama. She knows how to kill Zombies well without using guns and wants to live in the prison for sanctuary which was granted except she cannot have any weapons and has to live in a jail cell which is nothing compare to being on the road for months killing zombies 24/7. Immediately while being in the prison she has the hots for Tyreese and with her special skills goes down on him. He doesn't fight and essentially he ruined his relationship with his girlfriend and all hell breaks loose.

Rick and Tyreese get into a nasty fight over how Ricks killings are justifiable compare to Tyreese who has essentially murdered people out of anger. The fight becomes deadly and Rick almost died from it and after that nasty fight the group decides to make a committee that will have equal power and responsibility of making the rules, enforcing them, and trying to be civil in a savage world. The gang is afraid of Rick for murdering Dexter and lying to them and Rick gives an eloquent speech saying to go fu%%@$#k themselves and stop living this fantasy that we will all be saved and everything will go back to normal.

I do not know but I agree wholehearted with Rick and while these responsibilities of being a leader has taken a toll on him, his actions are justifiable and at the very end I wanted to smack everyone who disagreed with him. Living in this dystopian society is not easy but it is interesting how false hope can do wonders for people and how ignorant they have been while pursing this dream of salvation. The salvation is themselves for trying to maintain order and survival until they die and Rick made the connection that they are the Walking Dead since the moment they die they become Zombies.

I have no clue where this series is heading and thats what I love about the Walking Dead. In one volume they can cram months or even years to one issue and we see the effects the Zombies have damaged them in the progression of time since the Apocalypse. I would like to know desperately what caused this epidemic and hopefully these series continues to be phenomenal compare to other graphic novels that should have quit by the 10th volume (*Cough Cough Fables Cough Cough*). 

Until next time on The Walking Dead...

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